Taking the guesswork out of running your campaign

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State Senator and Trailmapper client used Trailmapper's election simulator tool to develop precinct-level vote goals, choosing a "Persuasion" strategy (vs. the alternative "Turnout" route) to find his pathway to victory.

On election day, the Senator won his re-election and actually increased his margin of victory from the previous election, despite a much more difficult electoral environment. Trailmapper's simulation predicted both the number of votes he needed and the vote share received by each candidate in each precinct within 2% points of the actual final result.

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A first time candidate for State Senate - after a slow start and falling well short of fundraising projections - used Trailmapper's campaign finance data dashboards and tracking tools to develop a fundraising plan based on real data (e.g. average number of donors, average donation amount, average aggregate amount, amount raised to date in previous cycles, etc.).

By election day he raised more than any out-party candidate ever to run in that seat incumbent or challenger. All this despite deciding to run late in the cycle, just days before the filing deadline.