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Upgrade your major-donor fundraising program.

Make more connections, raise more funds.

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What People Say

Don't just take our word for it...

  • "I deal in data, and this is exactly what campaigns need to raise more money!"

    Brent Buchanan -CEO, Cygnal Polling Group
  • "Prospector is like a jetpack for fundraising success! Love what y'all have built here."

    Tyler Burns - Arges Strategies
  • Prospector Pro is a fantastic service which quickly and efficiently integrated into our campaign. From the easy to use candidate interface, the reporting dashboard, and the broad list of prospects that continually over performed expectations. Prospector Pro changed our fundraising dynamic and I cannot recommend them enough.”

    Ben Hincher - Political Consultant

We only succeed when you succeed

Prospector users

  • 26% Prospect live-connect rate

    🔥 vs. 5% - 6% industry standard during prospect outreach sessions

  • 45% Prospect conversion rate

    💪 connections that convert to pledges or donors

  • 51% "One-Touch" rate

    🙌 user's donors who converted after just one candidate touch

About Prospector

We do things differently around here. Learn more about out technology, product & process in our blog. 

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How we do it.

"Smile & Dial" fundraising is dead.7 min read

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Put your major donor fundraising on autopilot ✈️ with Prospector.